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Q. How does the process work to sell my house?

A. Once you have completed the Sell Your Home Fast Form to the right we will contact you shortly (usually within 24 hours). In some situations, we will need to gather additional information.

We will research your property and discuss all the details with you. We may be able to make you an offer for our company to buy your home directly from you right over the phone, or in most cases we will schedule a time with you to view the property and make you an offer!

Q. Okay, so let me get this straight: so all I have to do to sell my house is call Daylight Homes and you’ll take care of the rest? I don’t have to clean or fix anything? You’ll buy it even if I still have orange shag carpet from the 70’s?

A. Oh, heck yes! That’s the great value we bring — we love orange shag carpet!

Well, not really. We’ll replace it after we buy your house. But that means you don’t have to!

Q. Sounds great, but let’s get into the nuts and bolts. How do you determine your offer?

A. It’s actually very simple: it just depends on the phase of the moon, the last three letters of your middle name and your high school mascot.

Just kidding! We have several components that we look at:

1) The condition of the house. We determine exactly how much it would cost for us to fix up the house. We are able to make repairs and updates at a much lower cost than homeowners because we have our own contractor and get wholesale prices on material. This means we can pay more for your house than everyone else, even if it needs some TLC.

2) We look at the value of the house the same way any professional real estate agent would — we look for comparable houses (similar size, layout, architecture) sold recently in the immediate area.

3) We factor in our standard margin.

We have a standard number for all transactions that we’ve found over the years to be fair to both the customer and to us. We are, of course a business, and need to keep the lights on but you don’t have to be worried about being taken advantage of. We have found that, in many cases, the cost to the homeowner selling traditionally, is about equal — or less — than our margin!

Q. I just got transferred out of the country and need to sell in 10 days. Can you help me?

A. The short answer is: YES. The long answer is YES, WE CAN.

We can close in as little as 10 days or as long as you need to get things in order.

Q. My roof is leaking and my basement floods. I tried to sell before but banks would not loan to buyers to purchase my house. Will you buy it?

A. Definitely. We really do purchase properties in any condition and any location. We  just ask that you disclose any latent defects (such as a basement that floods in heavy rain) as required in any real estate transaction. Whether your house is in foreclosure, over-leveraged, condemned, has liens or health department violations, not maintained, burned damaged, or about to fall down WE CAN BUY IT!

Q. What if I have multiple houses I want to sell?

A. Not a problem! We work with homeowners who have multiple properties all the time. Most of them are looking to cash in on their rental properties without having to fix them up first.

Q. You gave me a great offer, but how do I know you’ll close?

A. That’s a very good question. There are other businesses who do what we do but don’t actually have the funds to close the deal. That’s why we are happy to include a proof of funds with our offer. We also make it our standard policy to offer a significant amount for earnest money (the money we would forfeit if we reneged on the deal).

Many other companies will offer a very small amount (say $100 on a $250,000 house) so they can back out of the deal if they want.

Q. I’m considering lots of options. The house is vacant and I think I can wait a while to sell, so I think I may just want to list it. Can I still work with you?

A. Yes.

We’ve often worked with homeowners who “want to test the waters” of the market, and feel that they can tolerate the open houses, showings, and waiting for offers and appraisals. That’s totally understandable, and that’s why we have our own real estate agent who can list your house for you.appraisals.

If a quick cash transaction isn’t the best fit for your situation, we’ll present an alternative: our agent can list the house for you. If you don’t get the offers you want, you can still take our original cash offer.

Q. Will you consider alternative transaction structures or do you just do cash?

A. One of the major advantages of working with Daylight Homes versus the traditional model is that we can structure the transaction many different ways. Depending on your situation and goals, we will look at options such as seller financing, joint ventures, or a standard mortgage. We know not everybody wants cash.

We’ll work with you to find the best option.


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